about us

Our research lines have a common link: The study of radio communication systems in real environments.

All the studies have a theoretical and an empirical face based on measurements campaigns. Research lines are: Compliance certification of electromagnetic levels from radio stations, propagation at millimeter wave frequencies, measurement and characterization of the radio channel , ...

We have the experience, the knowledge and the ability to develop R&D projects in Radio Frequency Technologies.

Measurement campaigns, transmitters and receivers design, communications and rescue systems, radar, electromagnetic pollution control. Development of radiofrequency systems for multiple applications: communications, radio location, salvation, contamination control, etc.

our work team

Dr. María Vera Isasa
Group Leader.
Associate Professor.

Dr. Verónica Santalla
Associate Professor.

Dr. Ana V. Alejos
Associate Professor.

Dr. Edita de Lorenzo
Associate Professor.

Dr. Pablo Torío
Associate Professor

Eng. Isabel Expósito
Lab. engineer

Dr. Rubén Nocelo
Post doctoral researcher.

Dr. Paula Gomez
Assistant Professor at CUD.