01.research & development (R&D)

We are a research group at University of Vigo with a large experience on R&D related to radio communications. We have been involved in different search projects related to radio channel characterization, channel impairments mitigation, antenna design, communication system design, etc, .. in a wide range of frequencies from a few MHz to GHz.

02.radio system development

We provide solutions designing and developing radio system prototypes for a wide range of applications, such as location, detection, tele monitoring, telecommunications, etc. We  also provide support, management and control of projects related to Communication Technologies, particularly to electromagnetic pollution, interference problems, etc.

04.profesional training courses

Courses of radio electric parameter measurement, verification of EM pollution levels, certification of radiofrequency base stations , antenna measurement, RF and health.... Professional training courses for engineers.

research and development at university of vigo

The Radio Systems Group at University of Vigo develops an important R&D activity for different companies. This is a consequence of the wide range of application of Communication Technologies,  but it is also the result of the facilities available, the human resources and our large research experience.

As an example of this activity and our capacities, some of these research projects are summarized in this web page. As can be seen, some of the projects were developed for large companies, but most of them were conducted for SME, which have improved their market position as a result of these projects .