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RFID-From Farm To Fork (F2F)


RFID-FARM2FORK (“From Farm To Fork”) is a recently launched European Project funded through the CIP ICT PSP Programme. The aim of the project is to showcase RFID technology to SMEs in the food & drink industry and to identify and trace food information to fulfill society’s needs.


The RFID-Farm2Fork (F2F) Project was officially launched in Brussels by the coordinator, the University of Wolverhampton (U.K.) and the 10 partners, representing 6 EU states in the presence of EC officials.

The food business is one that provides huge potential for demonstration of Return on Investment (RoI) for RFID technologies, for example by providing authentication of the origin of foodstuffs or by reducing wastage and optimising logistics costs or by increasing quality of goods to the consumer.


The purpose of the F2F project is to demonstrate the use of RFID at all stages of the production and sales chain, allowing products to be tracked across Europe from the producer (farm) to the end consumer (fork).

The project will federate international producers, processors, logistics, retailers and consumers around a data system which will deploy standardised solutions to allow the traceability and authentication of foodstuffs.


The production and distribution of food and drink is the largest and the most important activity in all countries in Europe and all over the world.

The 'Farm to Fork'philosophy gives particular attention to the development of effective functioning pilots in supply chain management linked up together on a national and EU level. This could give many of them the opportunity to be recognized and raise awareness on the potential benefits associated to the use of RFID technology.

Detailed information about the project can be found on official website www.RFID-F2F.eu or contacting your local partner: Universidade de Vigo, Radio Systems Group.



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