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22 Jun
Radio Systems: A reference group
Radio System Research Group was recognized by Xunta de Galicia, our regional...
03 May
Pablo Torío promoted
Pablo Torío, staff of our research group, has been promoted today to Associate...
05 Nov
MDPI Electronics Special Issue
MDPI Electronics Spcial Issue on mmWave communications Prof. Manuel García...
28 May
Ruben Nocelo Ph.D.
Ruben Nocelo López just presented his thesis " Estimation of the atmospheric...
17 Feb
Nuno Leonor Ph.D.
Nuno Ricardo Cordeiro Leonor defended last week his Ph.D. entitled "A generic...
09 Feb
Cultivos inteligentes con I+D vigues
Cultivos inteligentes con I+D vigues en Faro de Vigo 
Radio Systems is now a R&D Rererence Group
Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 08:04
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Radio System Research Group has been recognized by Xunta de Galicia, our regional government, as "Grupo de Rereferencia Competitiva". This is the result of a long trajectory of many years of research, development and technology transfer. This award implies also an important budget funding for the group.



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