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Sicomoro branch


Sicomoro (Communication Systems for Emergency Environments) is a recently launched research project funded through the Spanish  National Plan for R+D+i by the Research Secretary of State, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competiveness. The project code ID is TEC2011-28789.

The project will last for three years since January 1st 2012.Two research groups will cooperate in the project: "Radiation group" (UPM, Polytechnic University of Madrid) and "Radio Systems" group (University of Vigo).


The aim of SICOMORO project  deals, in a first step, with the design and application of smart antennas, based on the definition of requirements at system level, applied to communication systems on emergency or disaster environments. Simultaneously, a system demonstrator will be developed to integrate the works performed of the full research group, both at system level as at radio subsystem (antenna and propagation channel).
Finally, the project will propose new measurements procedures for smart antennas, active or MIMO kind, as well as the set-up of an EMI/EMC chamber to include the immunity measurements of the developed antennas.


Particularly, Radio Systems group at University of Vigo is in charge of sub-project SICOMORO BRANCH (“Broadband RAdio chaNnel CHaracterization for Sicomoro), TEC2011-28789-C02-02. This sub-project  It is co-funded using European Regional Development Funds (ERFD).

The main objective is the development of radio channel models for the different radio links considered in SICOMORO. These models are needed to evaluate the different design options and to select the solutions that will mitigate the impairments in the radio channel.


Detailed information about the project can be found contacting your local partner: Universidade de Vigo, Radio Systems Group.



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