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  • ImpNoiseGenerator Generate sequences of impulsive noise for testing and analysing purposes.

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impnoise generator

We present the program ImpNoiseGenerator which provides with all the necessary in order to generate sequences of impulsive noise for testing and analysing purposes.

The sequences contain pulses of impulsive noise mixed with Gaussian noise.

The sequences are generated according to a set of parameters defined by the user. After generation, a report which shows all the statistical characteristics of the sequence is displayed.

This program has also the capability of drawing plots of the sequences and the Amplitude Probability Distribution (APD), interacting with the plots, saving the plots, and saving the data in several formats in order to eventually process them with other programs like Matlab, or using them as a source for a real transmitter like a vector signal generator.




RADAR Technology: A computer game to learn RADAR Fundamentals


The game RADAR Technology is to teach students about the fundamentals of RADAR and having fun doing so. Basing on the theory that says that you only learn what you test, the authors look for inducing students to learn an apparently arid topic by proposing them a different experience, in a better-adapted format to their generational skills. Actual students tested the game, and academic results are very promising.


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