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28 Jul
Edgar Lemos PhD
Edgar Lemos Cid presented yesterday his Ph.D. entitled "LMS and H-SATCOM...
21 Jul
David Ferreira PhD
David Crespo Ferreira has now his Ph.D. He defended today theThesis entitled ...
25 Apr
Azzeddin Naghar Ph.D.
Azzeddin Naghar presented today his Thesis entitled “Development of Improved...
14 Feb
Mr. Hicham Klaina Award
Mr. Hicham Klaina final year project, entitled “Radio frequency propagation...
02 Dec
Ampliamos las capacidades de Antelia
Acabamos de incorporar a nuestro laboratorio Antelia un nuevo equipamiento para...

Who we are

The Radio Systems Group at University of Vigo develops an important R&D activity for different companies or institutions.

This is a consequence of the wide range of application of Communication Technologies, but it is also the result of the facilities available, the human resources and our large research experience.

As an example of this activity and our capacities, some of these research projects are summarized in this web page. As can be seen, some of the projects were developed for large companies, but most of them were conducted for SME, which have improved their market position as a result of these projects. Please ask us about your needs, as we probably would be able to help you.